THIS TOUGH, brawling southpaw earned the moniker, "The Thai Tyson" during his record-setting reign for 115 pounders in the late-1980s and early-90s. He was as good and dominating as the then-heavyweight champion. Galaxy was relentless in his pursuit of his opponents and usually finished them off with a powerful left hand.

Galaxy, whose real name is Sura Saenkham, was born on May 15, 1959 in Petchaboon, Thailand. As with actors and actresses in the West, it is not unusual for a Thai athlete to change his name. This future national hero, who was managed by Niwat Laosunwanawat , began his career in contact sports as a kick boxer. In 1980 he stopped using his feet and switched to the orthodox ranks. In his sixth fight, he lost a decision to Sakda Saksuree. It's worth mentioning Saksuree, whom Galaxy knocked out in a rematch, because he's the only man to ever defeat the Thai legend.

When reigning WBA junior bantam king Jiro Watanabe failed to defend the title against Galaxy, the belt was declared vacant. On Nov. 21, 1984, the Thai beat Eusebio Espinal by sixth-round kayo to win the WBA crown. What followed was one of the most impressive -- and largely ignored in the West -- championship reigns ever.

Galaxy successfully defended the title 19 times, 16 by knockout, over the next seven years. Both are division records. Unfortunately, only one of those bouts, a 1986 win over Israel Contreras in Curacao, an island in the Caribbean, was outside the Orient. Nevertheless, in 1992 he joined a very small fraternity when he retired as champion and never tried a comeback. The Saenkham family earned further distinction in ring circles when Khaosai's twin brother, who took the name Kaokor Galaxy, won the WBA bantamweight title. From 1988-89 that household boasted two champions.

Thailand's greatest boxer left the ring with a 49-1 (43) record and was acknowledged by many has the best, and most significant 115-pounder in history, as well as one of the greatest fighters from Asia.

Born: May 15, 1959
Bouts: 50
Won: 49
Lost: 1
Draw: 0
KOs: 43
Induction: 1999
Khaosai Galaxy