Galindez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and amassed a 52-9-4 amateur record. He represented Argentina at the 1968 Olympic Games and turned pro in 1969.

A bull in the ring, Galindez captured both the Argentine and South American light heavyweight titles in 1972. Along the way up he beat tough Argentine fighters like Juan Aguilar and Jorge Ahumada.

In 1974 he challenged for the vacant WBA light heavyweight championship and TKO'd Len Hutchins in 13 rounds. A busy champion, Galindez traveled the world defending his title 10 times over formidable foes Pierre Fourie, Ahumada, Richie Kates and Eddie Gregory.

He lost the crown to Mike Rossman in 1978, only to regain it in a rematch the following year. He then lost the title to Marvin Johnson.

Galindez only fought once more before retiring. On October 26, 1980, at the age of 31, he was killed in an auto racing accident in De Mayo, Argentina.
Born: Nov. 2, 1948
Bouts: 70
Won: 55
Lost: 9
Draw: 4
KOs: 34
Induction: 2002
Courtesy of The Ring
Victor Galindez