CONSIDERED AMONG the greatest junior welterweight champions of all-time, Aaron Pryor secured his place in boxing history with a pair of knockout victories over fellow Hall of Famer Alexis Arguello.

Pryor earned the nickname "The Hawk" for the ferocious manner in which he devastated his opponents. In his 25th fight he challenged Antonio Cervantes for the WBA junior welterweight title. He rose from the canvas in the first round to stop Cervantes in the fourth round and captured the world title. He made five title defenses -- each a knockout -- before meeting Arguello.

The first Pryor-Arguello fight was held at the Orange Bowl in Miami and was so fierce and dramatic that it was named "Fight of the Year."

Drug addiction cut Pryor's brilliant career short. He later tried to make several comeback attempts but eye injuries forced him into permanent retirement.
Born: Oct. 20, 1955
Bouts: 40
Won: 39
Lost: 1
KOs: 35
Induction: 1996
Aaron (The Hawk) Pryor