Born Giovanni Addonizio in 1902. Addie began his career in boxing in the late 1930s and, in 1942, signed on to announce at Fort Hamilton Arena in Brooklyn, NY.

Noted for his tuxedo look and polished shoes, he was hired by Madison Square Garden in 1948 and called virtually every major fight there until 1971, including “The Fight of the Century” between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. During the golden days of televised boxing, his pre-fight introductions were an important part of the promotion and added to the atmosphere on fight night. Regarded as the “Voice of Boxing,” in addition to MSG he announced shows at St. Nicholas Arena, Sunnyside Gardens, Broadway Arena and Jamaica Arena among other New York venues. He also called Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Joey Maxim at Yankee Stadium and Muhammad Ali vs. Jerry Quarry in Atlanta. Addie appeared in many television programs including The Milton Berle Show, as well as motion pictures such as Requiem for a Heavyweight. A fixture of the fight game and a great ambassador for the “sweet science,” Addie was also known to sing the National Anthem before bouts.

A veteran of over 100 championship fights, on December 20, 1971, he passed away in Mt. Vernon, NY at age 69.
Born: 1902
Died: Dec. 20, 1971
Induction: 2018
Johnny Addie