A successful boxing promoter in Milwaukee, Thomas S. Andrews made his greatest contributions to the sport through his writing and publishing efforts. Andrews's books were invaluable resources for boxing devotees and participants in the early decades of the twentieth century. He edited and published T.S. Andrews' World Sporting Annual from 1903 through 1938. This publication, which covered all sports but featured boxing, included complete lists of champions, cumulative records, and other boxing information.

Andrews also wrote a record book of boxing from its earliest beginnings. Titled Ring Battles of the Centuries, it was first published in 1914.

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Excerpted with permission from 'The Boxing Register' by James B. Roberts and Alexander G. Skutt, copyright © 1999 by McBooks Press. All rights reserved.

Born: 1869
Died: 1941
Induction: 1992
Thomas S. Andrews