Born 1857. One of the standout referees of his era, Corri began his career in 1899. Among the many bouts he refereed include Tommy Burns vs. Gunner Moir (1907), Sam Langford vs. Sam McVey (1911), Freddie Welsh vs. Willie Ritchie (1914), Georges Carpentier vs. Gunboat Smith (1914), Jimmy Wilde vs. Memphis Pal Moore (1919), Eugene Criqui vs. Memphis Pal Moore (1919) and Mickey Walker vs. Tommy Milligan (1927). He also served as referee for bouts involving Jimmy Britt, Digger Stanley, Frank Moran, Tancy Lee, Emile Pladner and Hall of Famers Ted “Kid” Lewis, Len Harvey and Packey McFarland. Corri was third man in the ring for many British, European and World title contests and officiated for many years at the National Sporting Club in London before retiring from the ring in 1931.

Corri, who reportedly refereed over 1,000 contests in his career, passed away on December 21, 1933 in Southend, Essex, England.
Born: 1857
Died: Dec. 21, 1933
Induction: 2014
Eugene Corri