Born Anthony Valenti in 1901. He became interested in boxing during the “Roaring Twenties” and began promoting boxing in Boston in 1932. The next year he promoted over 40 shows.

In 1934 he brought his promotions to the Boston Garden and, in addition to showcasing local talent, matched such stars as light heavyweight champion Maxie Rosenbloom. He also added star power to his shows with heavyweight champions Max Baer, Jack Dempsey and Jack Sharkey serving as guest referees. In 1946 he began a partnership with “Subway” Sam Silverman, which lasted until Silverman’s death in 1977. In 1940 he promoted the only heavyweight title fight in Boston when Joe Louis stopped Al McCoy. During his career, Valenti managed welterweight king Tony DeMarco, junior welterweight champ Sammy Fuller and top contenders Tommy Collins and Joe DeNucci. He also staged many of Marvelous Marvin Hagler’s early bouts. Valenti hit it big when he acquired rights to 22 closed circuit theater locations for the Hagler vs. Thomas Hearns 1985 bout. He grossed $1.8 million that evening.

He died at age 84 on January 10, 1986. Valenti Way in Boston’s West End was named in his honor and is located near Canal Street, where his office was located.
Born: 1901
Died: Jan. 10, 1986
Induction: 2012
Rip Valenti