Born July 17, 1942 in Kingston, Surrey, England. Houston has been covering the sweet science since 1963. He began by writing for newspapers such as the South London Advertiser and then as editor for venerable publications Boxing News (1973-1977) and Boxing Monthly (1991-1992).

After relocating to Canada, he served as American correspondent for both outlets and, in 1992, was named American editor for Boxing Monthly, a position he still holds. He authored 1975’s Superfists: The Story of the Heavyweight Champions. His journalistic duties have taken him around the world including fight venues all over the British Isles and Europe and major bouts in Las Vegas. The first fight he covered in Las Vegas was the showdown between Hall of Famers Salvador Sanchez vs. Wilfredo Gomez in 1981. During his career he was also boxing columnist for the Vancouver Sun (1994-1999) and American editor of British Boxing Weekly (1990-91).

The quintessential boxing writer, Houston’s work currently appears regularly on and on his website, where he offers his insight and fight previews.
Born: July 17, 1942
Induction: 2014
Graham Houston