Born in County Derry, Ireland on April 22, 1946, Mullan was raised in the small town of Portstewart.

A graduate of St. Patrick's College, Armagh and University College, Dublin, Mullan moved to London where he was mentored by Hall of Famer Gilbert Odd. With Odd's prompting, Mullan began writing and he freelanced for a variety of outlets.

In 1974, Mullan joined the staff of Boxing News, the world's oldest boxing magazine. By 1977, he was named editor, a position he would hold for 20 years. Mullan covered championship boxing from ringside in 18 countries and was known for his accurate and honest approach to writing.

An accomplished author, Mullan penned many books including The Illustrated History of Boxing, Heroes and Hard Men, 25 Years of Boxing, Fighting Words and Barry McGuigan: The Untold Story. He also penned articles for such newspapers as The Sunday Times, The Independent on Sunday and Sport First.

Mullan's work wasn't limited to the written word as he also was heard frequently on radio and appeared as a television commentator.

Mullan died on May 21, 1999 following a four-year battle with cancer.
Born: April 22, 1946
Died: May 21, 1999
Induction: 2005
Harry Mullan