Born June 8, 1921 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

As a child growing up in the city that produced boxing legend Mike O'Dowd and Hall of Fame brothers Mike and Tommy Gibbons, Neiman was introduced to boxing at the local Catholic Church where he participated in “basement boxing.”

In 1942 he left high school and enlisted in the US Army and served four years. After leaving the military, he enrolled in the Art Institute of Chicago. His first boxing subject was light heavy Bob Satterfield, a fellow classmate at the institute. His passion for the sport of boxing and his talent as an artist meshed together and through the years Neiman has drawn fight posters and program covers for such historic bouts as Ali vs. Frazier I, Ali-Foreman, Ali-Frazier III, Ali- Spinks II, Hagler vs. Hearns, Foreman vs. Moorer, Tyson vs. Lewis, De La Hoya vs. Vargas and De La Hoya vs. Whitaker. He also created art and appeared in Rocky II, III, IV and V.

Regarded as superb draftsman and brilliant colorist, Neiman is revered for his ability to capture the essence of his subjects. His artwork romanticized boxing and captured the imagination of budding ring followers. With his trademark moustache and ever-present sketchpad in hand, Neiman remains a fixture at ringside for boxing's biggest events.

Born: June 8, 1921
Induction: 2007
LeRoy Neiman