Born September 25, 1919 in the Bronx, NY.

At the age of 10 Weston became enamored with the sport of boxing after his father brought home a copy of The Ring magazine. When he was 13, Weston met The Ring founder and editor Nat Fleischer and was soon mowing the lawn and washing the car at the home of the venerable scribe. Fleischer took Weston under his wing and the pair was inseparable. After graduating high school in 1937 Weston took a summer job with The Ring that lasted 14 years. From wrapping subscriptions, clipping newspapers and sweeping floors he was soon an integral part of Fleischer's staff. In 1939, Weston, a budding artist, painted a picture of Billy Conn that would be the first of 57 The Ring covers.

In 1941 Weston took a four-year leave to serve in the Air Force during World War II. Upon returning to civilian life in 1945, he returned to The Ring, but left the publication in 1951. After another stint in the military during the Korean War, Weston launched Boxing & Wrestling, a competitor to The Ring, in 1953. In 1958 he started Boxing Illustrated and published it until 1964. Throughout his career, Weston created many magazines including Boxing International, World Boxing and KO among others.

A noted historian and author, he penned several books including The Heavyweight Champions and The Chronicle of Boxing.

However, in 1989, he came full circle when he purchased The Ring and saved it from financial difficulty. He owned the “Bible of Boxing” until 1992 when he sold it but remained on as publisher.

Weston died at his home in Long Island, NY on April 11, 2002 after a battle with cancer.
Born: Sept. 25, 1919
Died: April 11, 2002
Induction: 2006
Stanley Weston
Courtesy of The Ring