Born Alberto Arizmendi on March 17, 1914 in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. His smiling face earned him the nickname "Baby", but his ring style contradicted his moniker. Utilizing a charging, bruising style, Arizmendi was a strong two-fisted battler.

Although his early record is incomplete, it is believed he turned pro in 1926 and in November 1931 he won the Mexican bantamweight title. Victories over Newsboy Brown, Speedy Dado, and Hall of Famer Fidel LaBarba established Arizmendi as a worthy contender for the featherweight title. Arizmendi's title bid was turned back by Hall of Famer Freddie Miller, who scored a 10-round win in an NBA featherweight title contest, February 28, 1933. However, in 1934, Arizmendi challenged Mike Belloise for the New York State featherweight crown and won a 15-round decision. His next bout was a 10-round win over Hall of Famer Henry Armstrong, the first of five encounters with Armstrong. He added the Mexican world featherweight title by defeating Armstrong over 12 rounds on January 2, 1935. Wins over Chalky Wright and Davey Day, and a loss to Lou Ambers followed before he lost his laurels to Armstrong in 1936. He would win again over Wright, lose to Armstrong and draw with Ambers before dropping a 10-round decision to Armstrong for the world welterweight title in their fifth and final encounter.

Arizmendi continued to box until 1942, including bouts with Ambers (KO by 11), Sammy Angott (L10, D10) and George Latka (L10, W10) before he retired with a 71-26-13 (13KOs) record. He died on December 31, 1963 in Los Angeles, CA.
Born: Mar. 17, 1914
Died: Dec. 31, 1963
Bouts: 109
Won: 70
Lost: 26
Drew: 13
KOs: 12
Induction: 2004
Baby Arizmendi