Born David Montrose in 1905 in Russia. He emigrated to the US and settled in Sioux City, Iowa.

As a teen he sold newspapers and learned to box to protect his territory. He entered the paid ranks in 1922 and when the ring announcer was unable to recall his name, was dubbed “Newsboy Brown.” In 1925 he headed west and drew with Fidel LaBarba in Hollywood. He gained widespread popularity after boxing at the grand opening of the Olympic Auditorium on August 5, 1925 in Los Angeles. Wins over Frankie Genaro (W 10), Corp. Izzy Schwartz (W 10) and another draw with LaBarba followed. Upon LaBarba’s retirement in 1927, the flyweight title became vacant and Brown lost to Schwartz for New York State’s version of the title. He rebounded to win California’s version of the title with a 10-round win over Johnny McCoy in January 1928. His reign was brief, losing the title almost eight months later to Johnny Hill. However, he returned in 1929 as a bantamweight and quickly became a contender. Wins over Midget Wolgast (W 10), Speedy Dado (KO 3), bantam king “Panama” Al Brown in an non-title tilt (W 10), Baby Arizmendi (W 10) and Chalky Wright (W 10) came before retiring in 1933 with a record of 57-13-5, 14 ND (11 KOs). 

The scrappy, quick-footed Brown died in 1977.
Born: 1905
Died: 1977
Bouts: 89
Won: 57
Lost: 13
Drew: 5
ND: 14
KOs: 11
Induction: 2012
Newsboy Brown