Born October 27, 1892 in Pouges les Eaux, France. An aggressive and tireless two-fisted battler, Ledoux began boxing in 1909 and scored 13 knockouts to start his career.

In 1912 he captured the French bantamweight belt from Georges Gaillard (TKO 11) and the EBU / IBU titles from Digger Stanley (KO 7). He lost the IBU title to Eddie Campi (L 20) in 1913 but successfully defended the French title against Eugene Crique (TKO 12) in 1914. After serving in WWI he returned to the ring in 1918 to continue his EBU reign – including a 16 round TKO over Jim Driscoll - until losing and regaining the strap to Tommy Harrison (1921-22). Ledoux scored two 15 round wins over Andre Routis in EBU / French bantamweight title bouts before losing the EBU title to Harry Lake (L 20) in 1923 and the French title to Routis (L 20) the next year. He rebounded to win the EBU and French featherweight belts in 1924. Ledoux lost a NYSAC world bantamweight title bid to Abe Goldstein (L 15) in 1924 and retired in 1926 with nearly 100 victories in 133 bouts.

The rugged Ledoux faced the best bantamweights of his era, scoring wins over Joe Bowker (KO 10) and Johnny Coulon (KO 6). Ledoux died May 21, 1967 in Paris.
Born: Oct. 27, 1892
Died: May 21, 1967
Bouts: 133
Won: 98
Lost: 29
Drew: 6
KOs: 80
Induction: 2014
Charles Ledoux