Tommy Loughran was the 12th light heavyweight champion in history and the most skilled boxer in the sport. During his magnificent career, Loughran fought 12 world champions, ranging from the welterweight to the heavyweight division.

In 1922, Loughran fought no-decision bouts against light heavyweight king Mike McTigue, middleweight champ Harry Greb and future heavyweight champion Gene Tunney. He also battled such legends as Young Stribling, Jack Delaney and Georges Carpentier.

Loughran finally earned a title shot in 1927 and didn't let opportunity pass him by. He decisioned McTigue in what was their fourth and final meeting. Loughran then made successful title defenses against Jimmy Slattery, Leo Lomsky, Pete Latzo (twice), reigning middleweight champ Mickey Walker, and future heavyweight champ Jimmy Braddock.

Eager for bigger challenges, Loughran moved up in weight and eventually beat heavyweights like Jack Sharkey, Max Baer and Paolino Uzcudun. In 1933, he earned a title fight against heavyweight champion Primo Carnera. Carnera, who was 6-5 and 270 pounds, outboxed Loughran, who stood at 5-11 and weighed in at 184 pounds, to retain the championship with a unanimous decision.

Legend has it that Loughran purposely tried to finish each round while fighting in his own corner. That allowed him to sit down at the bell while his opponents walked across the ring at the close of each round.

Loughran's career is marked by a six-bout series with Greb and a four-fight series with McTigue.
Born: Nov. 29, 1902
Died: July 7, 1982
Bouts: 172
Won: 94
Lost: 23
Drew: 9
ND: 45
NC: 1
KOs: 17
Induction: 1991
Tommy Loughran