Born Thomas Wilson Moore on July 28, 1894 in Memphis, TN. Began his professional career in 1913 as “Young Pal” Moore but would eventually change his moniker to “Memphis Pal” to avoid confusion with popular Philadelphia lightweight Pal Moore.

Moore distinguished himself as one of the top bantamweights of his era, routinely beating champions of the day, albeit in no-decision or over-the-weight bouts. Memphis fought over a dozen men who were, had been or would eventually become world champion including Johnny Buff, Petey Sarron and Hall of Famers Kid Williams, Pete Herman, Joe Lynch, Jimmy Wilde, Eugene Criqui, Sammy Mandell, Charles “Bud” Taylor, Frankie Genaro, Fidel LaBarba and Jimmy McLarnin. On April 10, 1918, he won claim to bantamweight title by outpointing Johnny Ertle. He often engaged in multi-fight rivalries, including ten fights with Lynch, seven with Jackie Sharkey and five with Carl Tremaine. The speedy Moore was a veritable “will-o-the-wisp” confounding foes with speed, defensive ability and bewildering counter punches. Never counted out, the crafty Moore retired in 1930 having engaged in over 200 pro contests and lodging wins over Hall of Famers Williams, Wilde, Criqui and Mandell.

A veteran of the US Navy, Moore died on March 15, 1953 in Memphis.
Born: July 28, 1894
Died: March 15, 1953
Induction: 2011
Memphis Pal Moore