Born November 21, 1906 in Birmingham, Alabama. Sarron turned pro in 1924 and maintained a steady pace to the featherweight championship.

Bouts with Memphis Pal Moore (W 10, W8), Tommy Paul (D8, W10), Benny Bass (W DQ 6, W 10) and California Joe Rivers (W10, W10) preceded a 1936 NBA world featherweight title go against Freddie Miller. Sarron dropped a 15-round decision but turned the tables in the rematch two months later to win the title via a thrilling 15-round bout. A series of non-title bouts followed, as well as successful defenses over Baby Manuel (W 15) and Miller (W 12) before dropping the championship to Henry Armstrong (KO by 6) in 1937. Sarron continued to box for two more years before hanging up his gloves in 1939 after a 10-round decision loss to Sammy Angott.

Behind an aggressive, two-fisted attack, Sarron compiled a pro ledger of 102-23-12-10 NDs (25 KOs). The 5’4” battler died at age 87 on July 3, 1994 in Miami, FL. 
Born: Nov. 21, 1906
Bouts: 147
Won: 102
Lost: 23
Draw: 12
ND: 10
KOs: 25
Induction: 2016
Petey Sarron