Born January 1, 1819. The son of heavyweight prizefighter Jacob Hyer, Tom Hyer is the first recognized heavyweight champion of America. He won the title by beating George McChester aka “Country McClusky” at Caldwell's Landing on the Hudson River on September 9, 1841 in a bout that lasted 101 rounds (two hours and fifty-five minutes).

On February 7, 1849 he stopped Yankee Sullivan at Rock Point, MD in 16 rounds (17 minutes, 18 seconds) for $10,000 a side. So dominant over his foes, Hyer had immense trouble securing opponents willing to meet him.

After bouts with John Morrissey and English champion “The Tipton Slasher” William Perry didn't materialize, Hyer retired. Hyer, who stood 6' 2 ½” and weighed 185 pounds, died of cardiac dropsy at age 45 in New York City on June 26, 1864.

Born: Jan. 1, 1819
Died: June 26, 1864
Induction: 2009
Tom Hyer