Born in St. Giles, London on November 25, 1794.

Considered one of the greatest prizefighters of his era, the 5'6"Randall has the distinction of retiring from the ring undefeated. "The Nonpareil" turned pro in 1815 and boxed until 1822. Notable bouts in his career include a 34 round (2 hour 19 minutes) win over Ned Turner in 1818 and two wins over Jack Martin (lasting 49 minutes 10 seconds and 8 minutes respectively).

A consummate ring tactician, the scientific boxing Randall was a tremendous athlete with great courage who is often credited as the originator of the "one-two" punch combination. Ring observers of the time cite Randall as a deft boxer capable of adapting to any ring style, a great defensive boxer and an effective finisher. So popular was Randall that he starred in the stage version of his ring exploits at the Regency Theatre of London. Randall's pro ledger reads 16-0-1.

Randall, who battled alcohol following his ring days, died from alcohol related illness at the age of 34 on March 12, 1828.
Born: Nov. 25, 1794
Died: Mar. 12, 1828
Induction: 2005
Jack Randall