This phenomenal little battler was known for his "iron fists." He was born Samuel Elias, in the Petticoat La., England, in the same town as fellow Hall of Famers Jackie (Kid) Berg and Ted Lewis. He had unbelievable strength for a man who stood 5'6" and never weighed more than 135 pounds. His physical power and long arms enabled him to fight men up to 168 pounds.

Sam's first fight was recorded on Oct. 12, 1801. His power is legendary and is considered one of the hardest hitters of all time. Some have credited Sam with the invention of the uppercut. His frequent use of, and success with the punch, popularized it.

His tremendous courage, amazing endurance and iron hands made him a crowd favorite. Pierce Egan, the most famous historian of his time said, "'terrific' is the only way to describe him."

Two of Sam's more noteworthy opponents were Caleb Baldwin and Tom Belcher, who was the brother of Jem Belcher. Both Baldwin and Belcher were undefeated at the time he fought them. Sam knocked out Baldwin and decisioned Belcher.

At age 35 he was worn out by his career and hard-drinking. He retired May 31, 1810, nine years after his first fight, at 35. Six years later he returned to the ring but was beaten by William Nosworthy.

His son, Young Dutch Sam, was also a good puncher and very exciting fighter, had a noteworthy career in the 1820s.
Born: April 4, 1775
Died: July 3, 1816
Induction: 1997
Dutch Sam