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International Boxing Hall of Fame   1 Hall of Fame Drive   Canastota, NY 13032  P: 315.697.7095 F: 315.697.5356


"This is wonderful. Thank God. I thank everybody for recognizing that an African boxer like me, by God's grace, has been put into the Hall of Fame. God bless."

- Azumah Nelson

"Oh wow! I'm really, really happy. My heart is pumping a thousand times a second! It's an unbelievable feeling. It's really hard to describe. I started my career late and had a goal to one day be a champion and when it happened it was a beautiful thing. But to now be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, to me, it's the cherry on top of the cake and a beautiful, beautiful feeling."

- Carlos Palomino

"I had a great career. It's like putting a cap on everything. It's like I've arrived. No matter how much money or belts you won, to be honored amongst your peers is the tops. This is another peak for me and it's the highest peak, I feel, because I'm honored with my peers. This is like closure for me."

- Dwight Muhammad Qawi

"For me, it's a great honor and I'm very proud that I made it because since I retired I have always had it in my mind that someday they would call me from Canastota. This is now the ultimate honor. I'm very proud that I have made it."

- Daniel Zaragoza

"I am sincerely honored and humbled. This is great news. I regard this as the biggest singular honor ever. I mean that from the bottom of my heart."

- Stanley Christodoulou

"It's the happiest moment of my boxing life. My parents would really be proud if they were alive. It's hard to believe I'm going to be on the same wall as people like Jack Dempsey and Joe Louis."

- J Russell Peltz

"It is an honor to be in the same company of fighters that I have admired and revered over the years."

- W.C. Heinz