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International Boxing Hall of Fame   1 Hall of Fame Drive   Canastota, NY 13032  P: 315.697.7095 F: 315.697.5356

“I am honored and I feel humble. At this moment in my life, to be inducted into the Hall of Fame is very special. I feel great to know that my name will be inscribed with the best of the best, to join some of my heroes and to leave a mark for my family and my country.”

- Julio Cesar Chavez

“This is unbelievably great news! I’m actually speechless. I can’t describe my feelings. My job was to make sure the people enjoyed themselves when they were watching me and I spent all my life doing so. I still continue to be involved in boxing to this day because boxing has been so great to me. To be inducted next to Sugar Ray Leonard, Muhammad Ali, Roberto Duran and Jeff Fenech, who’s a good friend of mine, is a huge, huge honor.”

- Kostya Tszyu

“I am honored to be nominated in the International Boxing Hall of Fame. The sport of boxing has given me so much and it is truly a blessing to be acknowledged alongside other historical boxing legends, because they paved the way for me as I hope I have inspired others in this great sport."

- Mike Tyson

“I have no words to express how I am feeling. This is one of the most emotional moments of my life. Thank you so much. I will proudly represent the International Boxing Hall of Fame.”

- Nacho Beristain

“I’m very touched by this honor. It took a lot of years in boxing to get here, but I love the sport very much. This is the best award and it couldn’t get any greater. The biggest award anyone in boxing - fighter or official - can receive is induction into the most prestigious entity in boxing, the International Boxing Hall of Fame. This is the highlight of my career.”

- Joe Cortez

“It has been my privilege to have been blessed with the ability to write about the incredible courage and commitment of the many thousands of real-life Rockys whom we have watched perform honorably in the ring.”

- Sylvester Stallone