Born in Toronto, Canada on April 21, 1953. 

In 1975 Goodman received a B.A. from UCLA and M.D. from Chicago Medical School in 1984 before completing an internal medicine internship and residency in neurology through West Los Angeles VA and UCLA in 1988. From 1993-96, Dr. Goodman performed neurological evaluations for boxers at the request of the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) while training to become a ring physician. From 1994-2005 she was a ring physician for the NSAC and worked over 500 boxing and mixed martial arts bouts. In 2001 she was appointed NSAC Medical Advisory Chairwoman and served in that capacity until 2007 and was the Chief Ringside Physician from 2004-05 and the Association of Boxing Commission‘s Medical Committee co-chair from 2001-05. While on the NSAC, Dr. Goodman was instrumental in establishing cost effective MRI / MRA tests for fighters. She is the founder and chair of the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), a non-profit organization that tests fighters for performance enhancing drugs and contributed a column to The Ring magazine entitled “The Fight Doctor” from 2004-12. 

Dr. Goodman received the BWAA James A. Farley Award for Honesty and Integrity in Boxing in 2005. 
Born: April 21, 1953
Induction: 2021
Dr. Margaret Goodman