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International Boxing Hall of Fame   1 Hall of Fame Drive   Canastota, NY 13032  P: 315.697.7095 F: 315.697.5356

​“After many years in boxing, I’m so proud of what we have done in the sport. Above all I was the head of my family and what made me proud as a father was to provide for my family and thanks to boxing I did it in the best way possible. It is amazing, but you have to be humble and carry yourself in the best way possible and work hard every day to reach your goals in life. I look forward to being in Canastota next June.”

                                                                    - Miguel Cotto

​“This is an absolutely marvelous feeling. I’m so honored that I get this opportunity and I can’t wait to go to Canastota to see it come to fruition."  

                                                                    - Roy Jones Jr.

​“Yeah baby! I made it. This is so great. I’ve been waiting for this call and I’m so happy. I can’t believe it. I’m almost tearing up. It’s a blessing and I’m looking forward to coming to Canastota as an inductee! 

                                                                    James Toney

“Wow! What an honor. I’m very, very happy. My biggest wish was to one day be in the International Boxing Hall of Fame and this is really the biggest honor for me.”

                                                                     Regina Halmich

​“I feel very humbled and honored to be acknowledged amongst the greatest. I’m kind of speechless actually. I’m really excited.”

                                                                    - Holly Holm

“Thank you. I’m overwhelmed. I’m absolutely overwhelmed with emotion. I’m truly honored”

                                                                    Bill Caplan

“Wow. This is really exciting. I can’t believe it. Usually I’m not at a loss for words but I am now. It really means everything to me. Boxing has been my favorite sport since I was six watching the Gillette Cavalcade of Sports and I was honored to have spent nearly 50 years writing about the great fighters, trainers and promoters of the sport and to now be on the Hall of Fame Wall is such a great honor that I can’t even tell you how much it means to me.”

                                                                    Ron Borges

"I was extremely honored just to be on the ballot, but to receive this news is unbelievable; it is joyful, humbling, and exciting all at once. I am so honored and thrilled to be able to take my place among those whom I have admired and looked up to for so long...it might be a cliché, but dreams really do come true.”

                                                                    Bob Yalen